Animal Ambulance Calls Skyrocket!

29 Apr 2020
kangaroo coughing.png

While Covid 19 has many workers in lockdown, RSPCA Qld’s animal rescue officers have been busier than ever.

In the last week there have been 456 call outs to RSPCA Queensland rescue team compared to 376 in the same week last year.

“We’re not sure why this is,” said Senior Rescue Officer Jo Jordaan. “The calls have been varied; a lot of native wildlife and some livestock and domestic animals. We had a cow bogged on the edge of a dam and even a kangaroo with a chest infection. There have also been a number of jobs where birds have become entangled with fishing line. This is always a problem for us. A couple of years ago we had a pelican with seven hooks outside and inside its body. We’d just urge people to clean up their fishing waste. It really isn’t too much to ask.”

RSPCA Qld’s Inspectorate has also been under pressure. Among the most disturbing complaints have been two cows that were shot with arrows and a butcher bird that died after being pierced with a hand made blow dart.

Well over 40 animals and birds continue to flood the wildlife hospital every day and the koala “trauma” season is on the way.

Bird video footage 


Cat stuck in a drain  footage


Coughing kangaroo footage