Simon is RSPCA South Australia's Legal Counsel

There are laws that protect animals, to make sure that they are being looked after properly. Most people love animals and do their best to take care of them, but sometimes there are people who don’t do a good job and they can get charged with animal neglect and have to go to court. If the judge finds them guilty, they can be fined, not allowed to own animals or even be sent to jail.

Simon is Legal Counsel at RSPCA. That means he has the important job of looking at the evidence that RSPCA Inspectors have collected about possible animal cruelty cases. If it is decided that the animal cruelty is serious, Simon goes to court to represent RSPCA in front of the judge. He presents the evidence and debates the details of the case, so that the judge can see how serious the situation is and to make sure that the people involved in the animal cruelty face consequences.

While Simon sometimes sees animals who are hurt, he loves that he gets to play his part at RSPCA in making sure people know that animal cruelty is serious and that all animals should have good lives.

Simon’s favourite animals are dogs, so he loves when he gets to spend times with dogs and other animals that need time and affection. One time, RSPCA had a Galah that came into our care that decided that Simon was his bestie! They hung out in Simon’s office until the Galah was well enough to be adopted, so Simon now likes birds too.