Paul is RSPCA South Australia's CEO

Paul Stevenson commenced at RSPCA South Australia in January 2017 as the Chief Executive Officer; his  previous roles include 10 years as Vice President and Executive Director of Mitsubishi Motors Australia, Chief Executive Officer of the Phoenix Society (now merged with Bedford) and Chief Operating Officer of the Australian Centre for Plant Functional Genomics – a biotechnology research organisation.

He has been a passionate advocate of animal welfare throughout his life, starting as a junior member of RSPCA during his childhood and always having what he refers to as a menagerie of animals around . In 2017 he adopted two “incredibly spoiled” kittens named Persia and Midnight.

Paul is also passionate about education, he worked as a teacher in his early career.  Paul is quoted as saying “As a former teacher, I recognise the huge potential we have to improve animal welfare in South Australia through educating children"