Nicky manages the varied programs at RSPCA WA

SPCA Tem member Justine Interview

Nicky works at RSPCA Western Australia and her role involves managing many different programs that support crucial work in the community.  

Originally from the United Kingdom, Nicky has previously worked in hospitality and events but is firmly now 'Team RSPCA'. 

Programs offered in Western Australia include Education, Community Outreach and Dog Training. All of these programs aim to educate children and adults in how they can best care for their own animals and also animals out in the community. 

Organising the Pet Sterilisation Program and administration of the Pets in Crisis Program also form part of Nicky's job. 

Nicky loves being part of the diverse team at RSPCA Western Australia and enjoys knowing that they are each playimg a part in working towards the same goal- improving the lives of animals.