Gemma is RSPCA South Australia's Direct Fundraising Manager

Gemma loves her job at RSPCA. She is the Direct Fundraising Manager for RSPCA South Australia and her job involves organising our regular fundraising appeals and regular givers programs through digital and social media campaigns.

Working at RSPCA for nearly four years, Gemma loves sharing stories with the public about the life-changing work that RSPCA do, which is only made possible by the generosity of our supporters and donors.

Like all of us at RSPCA, Gemma finds it really rewarding to be a part of the RSPCA family, each of us doing our jobs that play a small part in improving the lives of animals in our care and in our communities. 

Did you know that RSPCA across Australia sees around 95,000 animals come through our doors each year? While it can be difficult to see so many animals in distress or injured, the transformation to healthy and loved in their new forever home makes it all worth while. 

Gemma is grateful that RSPCA has people who are willing to step up and donate, adopt, volunteer their time or donate items to assist with our work caring for so many animals. Without the support of our communities, we could not continue to save and assist so many animals in need.