Charlotte is an Animal Attendant at RSPCA Queensland

Charlotte is an Animal Attendant at RSPCA Queensland. 

Charlotte's job means she has a lot of responsibility. She works alongside our volunteers to ensure that all of the daily cleaning and food requirements are met for each animal under her supervision. There may be medications that the vet team has given some animals and each of those must be carefully given to each animal in the correct amount, or doseage. Each animal has 'enrichment' time, which looks after their mental health through play based activity. 

Looking after animals at RSPCA means working as a team with a number of different departments. The animal carers work with the vet team, the behaviour team, the adoption team and the administration team, who all play a part in each animal's journey to finding their forever home and Charlotte loves feeling part of a large family who is all working together to help each and every animal that comes through RSPCA Queensland's doors.

Days working with animals can be tiring and mentally demanding, but Charlotte thinks that nothing beats a day where you get to watch an animal who you have cared for get a second chance and go off to their 'furever' home with their new family