Andrea is the RSPCA South Australia Chief Welfare Officer

Andrea is the Head of Animal Welfare for RSPCA South Australia. Her team of Inspectors, Rescue Officer, Legal staff and Advocacy are really busy!

As a team they have a broad range of responsibilities covering many aspects of critical animal care and welfare. Team members respond to reports of cruelty or neglect, attend rescues where animals find themselves in danger, attend court to deal with situations and criminal charges that are being dealt with under the Animal Welfare Act (SA) and advocate for change in regards to legislation and regulations that affect the welfare of animals in our communities. 

It is important for Andrea to make sure that the staff who interact with animals are trained to be able to handle all the different species they come in contact with and that they know how to provide early care for injured or sick animals before they see our vet team.

The work out in the community can sometimes be stressful and risky from animals or even people being dealt with under the Animal Welfare Act, so it is important that team members feel safe and supported. 


Andrea and her team members play a crucial role working on the front line helping the animals of South Australia.